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June 10, 2008

Effectual Media specializes in web design and development, e commerce, flash carts, digital delivery, cms, music production, filming and editing. We are based in north London and offer incredible prices.

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Qmuso – digital music news and discussion

February 5, 2009

If you work in the music industry or are just interested in online marketing, promotion and technology then be sure to check out Qmuso.com.

Qmuso is a leading music industry news and discussion website. Qmuso aggregates content from all over the web including digital marketing, technology, music production and interviews. Qmuso also creates a range of original content that is syndicated to various other music related sites.


Graphic Design

September 12, 2008

Effectual Media can create high quality artwork to suit all your requirements. Whether you need graphics to spice up your web site or posters to advertise an event, we provide a fast professional service at a great price.

Our staff have worked in events management and have developed an excellent understanding of what style advertising works and what doesn’t. We create posters and flyers that are both eye catching and informative. If you need us to take care of your printing requirements then just let us know.

We also design artwork for CD, DVD and record covers. Artists and labels looking to add that unique, professional touch to their release should contact us for prices.


Promotion and Marketing

September 12, 2008

Effectual Media offers great value promotional packages consisting of a range of both traditional and new media. Our packages are designed to help small businesses get themselves noticed with minimal cost and effort on their part. We give you all the essentials at one great price!

We also have a package especially designed for artists trying to break through in the music industry. We have a lot of experience in this area so contact us before you go to any other company!

We can set up, customise and maintain a Myspace page or similar networking site on your behalf saving you time, money and energy.

We can target specific audiences and promote your product, service or event in forums and chat rooms.

Blogs are read by millions of people worldwide. Effectual Media can maintain a blog on your behalf to promote products, services and events, spread news + shape opinions.


Vocal Recordings

September 12, 2008

With advances in music technology most producers are now able to complete the majority of their music projects working in their home studios. However, when it comes to recording vocals it is often impossible to get a clean, high quality recording in an environment not specifically designed for such a purpose.

We recognise how frustrating it can be for producers who struggle to achieve that studio quality vocal that their hot beats are crying out for. This is why we have partnered with Manatee Audio, North London’s largest recording studios, and are now able to offer discounted prices to our clients. With top of the range professional equipment, friendly engineers and plenty of recording experience we are perfectly equipped to satisfy all your needs.

Our studios are also the perfect place to record voice overs for your adverts, jingles and indents. With top class Apogee A/D converters and great Rode mics your voice over will sound crisp, loud and lively. Your entire session will be recorded in Pro Tools and delivered to you in what ever format you require on CD or DVD. As our studio is internet enabled we can email the recording to any address you specify or even upload it to our servers and provide you with an access code.


Music Production and Licensing

September 12, 2008

Effectual Media is the number one choice for high quality music spanning all genres. Whether you require mellow background music or fast paced dramatic tracks we can deliver exceptional audio at unbelievably low prices.

Working from Pro Tools HD equipped studios in London, our experienced team of producers compose original scores that will bring your films and adverts to life. If it’s sound effects you are after then take advantage of our huge library of royalty free audio or contact us for a bespoke solution.

Of additional interest to film makers will be our audio enhancement/restoration services and surround sound mixing. We also produce music loops for web sites and DVDs. Please contact us for more information on these, or any additional, audio services.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

September 12, 2008

SEO has unfortunately become the snake oil of internet sales men. The web is littered with false claims and promises that have left many companies disillusioned about the real potential of a coherent SEO strategy. Effectual Media does not guarantee that you will be number 1 in Google’s rankings but we do guarantee to take an open, honest and very cost effective approach to improving your web site’s rankings.

Many companies promise “instant results” which few, if any, ever manage to deliver. If it worth noting that these companies use “link farms” (the SEO equivalent of spam emails) that can improve results temporarily but will end up getting your web site removed completely from Google’s listings as they violate terms of use. Effectual Media takes a more “organic” approach to SEO that results in far better search engine rankings in the medium-long term. We can also complement SEO with Google Adwords, social networking and many other forms of on-line marketing that will help increase your page ranking and drive customers to your site.

Our basic procedure for SEO is to:

– Install and configure analytical software
– Analyse monthly traffic
– Prepare a detailed report with recommendation on keywords, keyword density, content and coding
– Formulate a overall SEO strategy specific to our client’s requirements
– Implement optimisation
– Submit site to all major search engines (30+)
– Perform additional monthly maintenance: assess progress, tweak site re-submit to search engines

Our services start from as little as £599 which is very competitive especially considering that all our staff as based in England unlike many SEO companies who outsource to developing countries which can often create communication problems. Please contact us for a detailed quote – you will not be disappointed!


Content Management Systems (CMS)

September 12, 2008

A Content Management System (CMS) is the ideal solution for web sites that need to be regularly updated and cheaply maintained. One or more administrator accounts are created to facilitate the adding, deleting and modifying of content within the site.

Unlike a standard website, a CMS allows changes to be made by people with very little technical knowledge and strongly reduces the likelihood of errors occurring. It is also possible to allow different staff within your business to have different levels of access to the CMS. For example, your marketing manager may be able to update text and graphics but your head of I.T. could be solely responsible for altering your database settings.

Content Management Systems are particularly useful for content driven web sites like on-line magazines, blogs, shops, catalogues and so on. As most changes are made in the background, the functionality of the site is not reduced while it is being modified.

Effectual Media offers a very flexible approach to CMS as our clients have significantly different requirements. Just pick the features you want and if there is anything you don’t see then please contact us as we can usually help:

– Installation and configuration
– CMS Hosting
– E-Commerce
– Custom template design
– Forums
– Galleries
– Polls / surveys
– Social networking
– Bespoke solutions

Our CMS of choice is the industry leading Joomla which our staff have years of experience working with.


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